Dedicated to sustainable business practices

From carefully choosing the most sustainable ingredients and only working with suppliers and partners who share our views, to preferring recyclable materials and sustainable packaging options; at Temple of Vitality we are fully committed to leading the way in sustainable business practices for a better tomorrow.

This is also why we have chosen Royal Mail as our main delivery provider, as they have been identified as the most carbon-conscious delivery company in the UK with the smallest carbon footprint - and they have pledged to be Net Zero by 2040.

Committed to giving back

We believe that the impact of individuals, and especially the impact all businesses have on our planet is immense - and we all have the responsibility to take care of our planet.

We have therefore partnered with Ecologi, and pledge to support reforestation, nature preservation, and various clean initiatives and projects as we grow... in addition to our sustainable business practices.

  • Our Bottles

    Our bottles are made from PET plastic already containing a third of recycled materials, and the lids are made with PP - both commonly recyclable at home. The lid's paper protector should be separated before recycling.

  • Our Parcels

    The boxes we have chosen to use are made from recycled materials that can be recycled again and again! The wood wool used in the parcels is sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

  • Our Printouts

    When printing labels for our products or parcel inserts, we will always choose fully recyclable materials made with FSC-certified and responsibly sourced materials, that can be easily recycled at home.