Gummy Supplements – Are They For You?

Gummy Supplements – Are They For You?

Gummy Supplements - Should You Take Them?

Many of us turn to supplements to support a balanced diet and to help meet dietary shortfalls. They’re a great way to increase daily consumption of particular nutrients and to improve overall health and wellbeing. Most supplements come as tablets or capsules, but gummies are a highly effective and pleasant option if you want to switch things up a bit.

At Temple of Vitality, we really champion our gummy range and believe there are so many benefits to taking vitamins and minerals in this form. These days, we’ve really graduated from those chalky vitamins you were made to take as a kid (or heaven forbid – being made to swallow a mouthful of cod-liver oil – yeesh!) and now we have delicious gummy supplements to support your wellness goals.

But are gummy supplements as good as the traditional pills and tablets and are they right for you?

What are the benefits of gummy vitamins?

Firstly, let’s start with the convenience of them. Gummy vitamins are attractive because they go down a lot easier than traditional capsules and pills. You don’t need a glass of water, you don’t have to worry about the tablet getting stuck in your throat, and if you take several supplements a day it’s faster and less of a chore. Pills are really unlikely to go down well with children as well, so gummy supplements can be a lifesaver for parents too.

Which leads us on to ‘pill fatigue’. Let’s face it, choking down one or several pills every day just isn’t enjoyable, so when you compare the standard tablet to a delicious candy-like gummy there’s not really any contest. As they’re so easy to eat and enjoyable, we’re much more likely to stick with our vitamin routine. There’s definitely a lot more motivation from eating a fruity gummy than swallowing a massive vitamin pill! For those that have a chronic health condition that requires prescription medication on a daily basis, you may find taking your supplements in pill format a chore and this is where gummies can be a great solution too.

And let’s not forget how great tasting gummies are. One of the reasons gummies were originally made for children (particularly picky eaters who may not have been getting all the nutrients they need from their food) is for their candy-like taste, and as adults we can enjoy the same benefit. A lot of our customers at Temple of Vitality, claim that they see gummies as a treat after dinner which is also benefiting them with many healthy nutrients.

Gummy supplements can also be easier on the stomach because the breakdown has already started in the digestive tract.

Are Gummy Vitamins Good For You & Are They Easily Absorbed?

The short answer is absolutely! Gummy vitamins are packed with vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other fantastic nutrients depending on the gummy’s purpose. Research shows your body can digest gummies easier than traditional supplements and absorb nutrients as easily as those in traditional vitamins. One particular study in 2019 found that there was a significant increase in the bio-availability of vitamin D prepared in a gummy than those found in tablets. There were different factors for this result, but the study suggested that because the dissolution of the gummy begins in the mouth, there was greater bio-availability than pills swallowed whole.

When it comes to gummies vs pills, which should I take?

The clear-cut winner is the dietary supplement that works best for your schedule, lifestyle and overall preference. If you’re not keen on swallowing pills, are experiencing pill fatigue, keep forgetting to take your vitamins or simply want to mix up your supplementary regime with something a bit more fun, then taking gummies could be the best solution. The obvious downside to taking gummies is that they taste so good, you could be in danger of overeating them!

No matter what type of supplement format you enjoy the most, choose ones that are made with natural ingredients and without common allergens such as gluten. At Temple of Vitality, we go to great lengths to ensure our gummies are made with the best quality, pure ingredients, that they are non-GMO, and are without any artificial colours or flavours. Our supplements are suitable for vegans as well unless the main ingredient is derived from a fish or animal (such as our Marine Collagen, Powerful Pomegranate Gummies).

Still not sure if gummy supplements are right for you?

Here’s our quick overview of the benefits!

  • They’re tasty and come in a range of different flavours
  • They’re convenient to take – no water needed
  • They’re easy to swallow and chew so are especially beneficial for those who struggle to swallow traditional pills and tablets
  • They help with ‘pill fatique’ – they are especially useful if you’re taking multiple supplements or lots of tablets for a health condition
  • As they’re tasty and so easy to eat, they can be good for keeping on track with a supplement routine as they’re less of a ‘chore’ to take. You may be less likely to take your vitamins if they are in an enjoyable gummy format.
  • They help fill in any nutritional gaps if you don’t eat a balanced diet.
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