Blue Monday & Beating The January Blues

Blue Monday & Beating The January Blues

Blue Monday 2024 

What is Blue Monday? 

It's that gloomy third Monday in January (Monday 15th January 2024) where we're supposedly feeling at our lowest. Why? Because our new year's resolutions are starting to fail, Christmas is officially over, we've failed Dry January, our credit card bills are about to hit the mat and payday is still not here. On top of that, it's dark, it's cold and we're feeling unmotivated. What joy! 

Fortunately, Blue Monday is really just a marketing stunt thought up by Sky Travel in 2004 who employed psychologist Cliff Arnal to use the concept of the January Blues to promote their winter sale. 

The formula Cliff Arnal came up with was based on the main factors that were most likely to contribute to low mood:

W = Weather
D = Debt
d = Monthly salary
T = Time since Christmas
Q = Time since failing our New Year's resolutions
M = Low motivational levels
Na = The feeling of needing to take action



Beat The Monday Blues! 

Whilst the Blue Monday calculation hasn’t been scientifically proven, there's no doubt that January itself is a challenging month and this day in particular can be tough. It really can be difficult not to feel anything but blue on this day, so if you are feeling a bit down right now, here are a few tips on how to feel more positive and beat those blues! 


Take Charge of your Mindset

If you go into Blue Monday already feeling down, then it’s unlikely to improve your mood. Instead, try to shift your mindset by focusing on the positive. Clear out the clutter in your home, spend time with friends and family, or listen to uplifting music. These small acts can go a long way in helping you change your attitude and feel more positive!

Make Plans To Look Forward To

To counteract the feeling of mid-winter blues, it’s essential to have things to look forward to. Whether it’s a future holiday, a dinner party with friends or simply planning out your next week, having something concrete to aim for can give you a much-needed boost of excitement.

Take Care of your Physical Health

Physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on your mood, so try to incorporate some exercise into your week. If gym workouts aren’t your thing, try going for a walk or using a yoga app at home. Additionally, try to eat some healthy meals and get enough sleep, as these habits will support your well-being and help you feel more optimistic.

Reach Out for Support

If you’re feeling down, it’s important to know that you don’t have to go it alone. There’s no shame in seeking support from friends, family, or a qualified professional. Sometimes just talking through your feelings with someone can help alleviate the weight of disappointment.

Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, remember to give yourself some grace. We all have our off days and can feel blue, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead of focusing on the negative, try to acknowledge the areas where you are succeeding and celebrate those wins. You deserve kindness and positivity just as much as anyone else.

Get the Right Nutrients 

Taking a supplement like Ashwagandha can support stress and anxiety levels and aid general wellbeing. It's also important to eat foods that regulate mood such as leafy greens, fatty fish and nuts and seeds. 


The Final Say

Blue Monday is just a myth that's been made up for a PR stunt and there's no scientific evidence that Blue Monday really is blue! It's just one day out of the year, and by taking charge of your mindset, making plans to look forward to, taking care of your physical health and being kind to yourself, it'll be a breeze to get through. 

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